• A silver ingot - Laurion, in the south of Attica, was a huge industrial area. The mines were state owned. The silver that was mined here was of great importance to Athens. It provided the money for the creation of the Athenian navy and some of the money for the rebuilding of the Acropolis.
  • A cup, or skyphos, made in Athens - Finely painted pottery was a popular export to many places around the Greek world. Athenian pottery was the most popular of all Greek pottery.
  • Amphora containing olive oil - Olive oil was another of Athens' exports. It was used for many things in ancient Greece: on food, to rub on the skin, for medicine and to use in lamps. Olive oil was highly prized and expensive. The winners at the Panathenaic Games would recieve large amphorae filled with oil as their prize.
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